My favorite YouTubers

Some clarifications first:

bald and bankrupt

I don’t know if he’s bankrupt—he’s definitely bald—but he travels in a lot of different and unusual places. He’s funny, always sharing tidbits of knowledge and meeting new people.

CGP Grey

Explanatory videos about topics I lack knowledge of like politics and economics. They’re short but come from thorough research.

Daves Archives

Compilations of TV commercials from the past, straight from the VHS that recorded them. I like to put it in the background.

Derek Banas

Massive amount of tutorials, mostly about mathematics, coding or programming. Great to get a quick idea of how some of that stuff work.

Fredrik Knudsen

His Down the Rabbit Hole series is kind of mesmerizing but the subject matter can sometimes be disconcerting.


Besides playing GeoGuessr he starts his own real-life challenges like crossing countries in a straight line or travelling Europe the wrong way.


Essays about music, movies, … but I’m way more impressed by his 10/10 video editing skills.

Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

Educational videos. They’re always citing their sources. The colorful flat design style of their animations is an eye-catcher. There’s a whole studio behind this channel, it’s not really a YouTube persona like the other ones.


Obsolete computer technology, retro software, odd hardware, etc. I feel a certain coziness or nostalgia when watching his videos, which are now very high quality.


He’s a lawyer and he picks locks. There’s already more than a thousand ~2 minutes videos on his channel. The lockpicking process is always shot in a single take.


She records herself playing video games that I often won’t take the time or can’t play myself (like newly released console exclusives) but that I want to experiment in some way. I put her videos in the background when I’m doing something else.


In depth game reviews and analysis.


I know nothing about chemistry and never cared about chemistry but I enjoy his different experiments. He’s articulate and shows a lot of persistence and passion and that’s entertaining in itself.

Noah Caldwell-Gervais

Very long essays, sometimes over two hours, about whatever he wants to talk about. I listen to it as a podcast mostly but his different road trips across America are also worth watching.

Simone Giertz

Inventor of shitty robots and much more. She’s clever and funny and the nature of her projects makes it even more comical.


An engineer who records his scientific explorations and discoveries. He visited a nuclear submarine, underwent hypoxia training, built a giant baseball launcher with his friends, interviewed Obama, … but remains casual about all of it.


He builds things in his basement that always involve a lot of logic skills. The deadpan comedy bits with his wife are the cherry on top.

Summoning Salt

History of various records and/or exploits in popular video games. It plays a bit like documentaries.

Technology Connections

He goes to great lengths to explain how our home appliances and everyday objects work. I like the script. He’s funny too.


Short animal documentaries with hilarious commentary but I learn things at the same time; ymmv.