Much darkness wow

Jackie (shiba inu) is blind now. She had hereditary glaucoma. She lost her left eye last year then her right eye last month, despite daily drops for pressure reduction. Both times, the eye went from normal to sore to completely blind and removed in a matter of days.

Unlike the first time, she cried a lot; not for the pain, the doctor said, but because she couldn’t see at all anymore. She knew something was really wrong this time. I spent days at home with her and it was heartbreaking. Shiba screams are knives to your eardrums.

She’s five years old. I wonder if she will dream with visuals for the rest of her life. How much of a bummer is it for her to wake up without sight anymore? Won’t that make dreams more real in a sense? Are dogs that self-aware and absorbed over their own troubles?

She still is a beautiful little shiba.

A photograph of my dog Jackie